Jerry Seinfeld on Collaboration

“Let me tell you why my TV series in the ’90’s was so good. Besides an inordinate amount of just pure good fortune.

In most TV series, 50% of the time is spent working on the show. 50% of the time is spent dealing with personality, political, and hierarchical issues of making something.

We spent 99% of our time writing. Me and Larry. The door was closed. Somebody calls? We’re not taking the call. We’re gonna make this scene funny.

That’s why the show was good.

I didn’t want to go from that to, you know, some H.G. Wells contraption machine, of trying to control the weather. That’s what these deals are. That’s what making a movie is. What’s a movie? It’s this giant machine, it’s this giant ship, and everybody gets on it and they shove off and nobody knows where it’s going.” – Jerry Seinfeld on Alec Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing, Oct. 14, 2013 (~29M)

What Jerry said really resonated with me. It reminded me of what was so frustrating at so many of the companies I’ve worked at, and what’s so wonderful about where I work now. When people let personalities get in the way of making great things, versus what kind of magic you can create when everybody is working together towards a common goal.

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