Mar 13

Bill Hill and Homo Sapiens 2.0

Working on another blog post, and ran across an interview of Bill Hill from 2009. Bill reinvented himself many times in his career, from a newspaperman to someone who fundamentally worked to change the way the world read text on a digital screen. It harkens back to yesterday’s post, as well as my post on the machines coming for your job. Specifically, at about 19 minutes in, this conversation comes up:

Interviewer: “In this economy…What’s the relationship between fear…and taking chances…?”

Bill Hill: “Well that’s just the whole point. I mean, it’s very easy to get kinda cozy, and do ordinary stuff.” and “You can’t allow yourself to get paralyzed.”

Bill never stopped moving, never stopped reinventing himself. Weeks before he passed, he and I had a conversation about eBooks, almost 13 years after I first met him as we talked the same subject. You can’t stop moving, and can’t stop reinventing yourself.






Jan 13

Good Times… Good Times… The book.

In 1992, I got my first Windows PC. For more than 20 years, Microsoft has been a central force in my life, and fundamentally shaped my career. From the time I joined in 1997 until I left in 2004, Microsoft would teach me lessons, frustrate me, make me happy, make me sad – and finally embolden me to leave the nest. Though I left frustrated and bitter as Longhorn was struggling and stumbling – eventually to become the much maligned Windows Vista, I have come to peace with Microsoft, and they’re still a pretty significant part of my life.

Beginning last year, I started writing a book about my experiences before, at, and since Microsoft. The current running title is simply Good Times… Good Times… though that may change. I’m a little more than half way through writing it, and my intention is to complete it during 2013. If you want status updates as I progress, I’ll be doing my best to reflect them here.

My intention with this book isn’t to write a tell-all. I’ll tell you many things you’ve never heard before, and especially if you’re a fan of Windows, I think it’ll be an interesting read as you get to reminisce – as I have while writing it – how Microsoft has grown and changed over the years. It also won’t be a nerd-fest. My goal is to make it something that non-geeks can read and still enjoy, as they enjoy my unique perspective of the company.

When the book is complete, I plan to self-release it as an ebook on iTunes, Amazon, and B&N. Complexity will determine whether I can hit all three and in what timeframe. I have no plans to publish a physical book at this time, but that could change. Follow my blog or follow me on Twitter for updates.