May 14

BMW China CEO on how quality affects sales through word of mouth

“One of the most important ways to sell a car in China is word of mouth. People are listening to their friends, customers want to know what are the experiences of others with a product. So they are listening carefully. If you do not deliver the highest quality all of the time, your customer satisfaction goes down. Dissatisfied customers always talk about that they are not satisfied. So immediately if you don’t deliver, it would affect sales, [and] sales would be going down.” – Karsten Engel, CEO of BMW China in a CNBC interview.

Thing is, Engel’s point applies whether you’re talking about BMW automobiles in China, or not. His point is spot on regardless of the product or geography. One of the most important ways to sell a product… any product… is word of mouth from satisfied consumers. The way to kill any product is by letting quality or your user experience suffer. Dissatisfied users share their dissatisfaction, and in doing so and can kill your product, your sales, your company, and your job.