Sep 12

Windows Store: Two-thousand, seventy-nine

Milestones. Every one counts. Sure, the iOS app store has considerably more apps than the Windows Store today – that’s not news.

But developers are adding to the Windows Store every day – and though some apps are removed from the store periodically, the number that grows every day. Today, the Windows Store broke the 2000 app mark and arrived at 2,079 apps available internationally.

Though I can’t explain the divot of September 12th (the day after the Windows Store opened broadly to all locales), it recovered and is continuing to trend north, as you can see below.

Just as importantly, as that number has grown, so has the number of paid apps. Free apps comprised 89% of the store inventory on September 9th, and that percentage has declined to 83% as of today.

Sep 12

Windows Store: What’s new? A day in the life of the Windows Store

The most common request I’ve gotten so far is “what is new on the store?” The Windows Store app on Windows 8 shows you in general what’s been added, but doesn’t do much to break it down for you.

Though it can be a lot of information – the store is adding roughly 50 or more apps per day – some days far more, some days a bit less, I thought I’d share “A day in the life of the Windows Store”.

From my research, today, Sept. 19, 2012, there were 61 applications added in the US market. They are listed below. Yes, I know, there are several that have non-English titles. Yes, those are available for US English users. They are hidden by default, but can be viewed by going to the Settings charm in the App Store, and selecting Preferences, then turning off the option to “Make it  easier to find apps in my preferred language”.

Books & Reference:

  • Server Posterpedia by Martin McClean – (Books & Reference / Reference) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • LOLCat Bible by Blue Marble Software (Pty) Ltd. – (Books & Reference) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • ???? by yqhan2012@hotmail.com – (Books & Reference) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)


  • Banner by Productivity Concepts – (Business) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Leads Machine by Eriksen – (Business) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)


  • Guitar Chords by Festyk – (Education) Available for: (x86|x64|no ARM)
  • Kashmiri by Hashia Labs – (Education) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Learn Pi! by MatroIT Systems Kft. – (Education) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • QuickMath by Mihov.com – (Education) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • SocialStudy by RocketDogSoftware – (Education) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • UserGroup.tv by Shawn Weisfeld – (Education) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Voice Toddler Cards by Sai Services LLC – (Education) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • IT??????? by nyoron – (Education) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)


  • Cool Clock by Ryke Studio – (Entertainment) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Imgurian by William Killerud – (Entertainment) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Love Compatible by ajimix – (Entertainment) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Mandelbrot Viewer by Ninputer – (Entertainment) Available for: (x86|x64|no ARM)
  • Modern Comic Reader by OizoSoft – (Entertainment) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Number Guess by TI Capacitación & Universidad de desarrollo – (Entertainment) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • TINAMI Ranking Viewer2 by nyoron – (Entertainment) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Word Clock 8 by TechPreacher – (Entertainment) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)


  • ace.Solitaire Collection by Ventimiglia – (Games / Card) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Animal Sounds Jukebox by ajimix – (Games / Kids) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Caça Palavras by Carlucci Apps – (Games / Puzzle) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Galinho by Sara Silva – (Games / Arcade) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • I Love Math by BRIDGE-BUILDING MEDIA GROUP – (Games / Kids) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Magnets puzzle by Tess – (Games / Puzzle) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • MATHRATHON by Chan Jun Xiu – (Games / Puzzle) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Memoriam by kagaminator – (Games / Puzzle) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Noogra Nuts by Oren Bengigi – (Games / Arcade) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Othello by Kamal Aggarwal – (Games / Strategy) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Retro WallBounce by balint – (Games / Arcade) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Snap Master by Martin Zikmund – (Games / Family) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Untangle Pro by Lee – (Games / Puzzle) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Table Games by Le_Morri – (Games / Puzzle) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • WordMixer by Webodrome Arise Technologies Private Limited – (Games / Puzzle) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • ????? by nyoron – (Games / Kids) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)

Health & Fitness:

  • PPCalc by Carles – (Health & Fitness) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Medicine Cabinet XXL by EBS – (Health & Fitness) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)


Music & Video:

  • Mini Guitar by DefthKniht – (Music & Video / Music) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)

News & Weather:

  • AAWP by Geoff Webber-Cross – (News & Weather / News) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • AS by Prisa Digital SL – (News & Weather / News) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • blog.hu by Inda-Labs – (News & Weather / News) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Informa Bologna by 5DLabs.it – (News & Weather / News) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Informa Palermo by 5DLabs.it – (News & Weather / News) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)


  • DOF Calculator by Goebbels Mario – (Photo) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Photo Viewr by WEApps – (Photo) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)


  • My Chalk Board by balint – (Productivity) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Present-A-URL by TechPreacher – (Productivity) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • QMobileClone by i-Zillion – (Productivity) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Quick XPath by Jonathan Dent – (Productivity) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Reminder Toast by SUNDARA PRABU .T – (Productivity) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)



  • Clock Tile by dave smits – (Tools) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Entertainment Organizer by CA Dev Team – (Tools) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Softonic by Softonic International SL – (Tools) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)
  • Tu frase a binario by adrfrank – (Tools) Available for: (x86|x64|ARM)

Sep 12

Windows Store: How many apps? How many developers? What’s the ratio?

I swear – there are other people asking for information too – but the other day Jason again gave me a good question for which I had the data in hand. He asked:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/databasejase/status/247582677241307136″]

As of yesterday, Sept. 18, 2012:

  • There were 1851 apps available globally.
  • There were 1094 developers with apps live in the store.
  • The average is 1.6 apps per developer.
  • 866 of developers had one app live.
  • There are 18 developers with 10 or more applications live on the store.
  • Microsoft has 26 applications live in the store (titled as Microsoft Corporation or Microsoft Studios)
  • 3 developers have more apps live in the store than Microsoft.


Sep 12

Flashlight apps – lighting their way into the Windows Store

As I mentioned yesterday, I asked my Twitter followers what Windows Store statistics they’d like to see. He likely meant it as a joke, but follower @databasejase asked:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/databasejase/status/247440810721832960″]

I figured I’d actually take a look at this one, just to see if they had shown up. Indeed they have.

Early on, the Apple iPhone had no LED flash, so “flashlight” apps arrived that could light the screen one (or often more) colors, so that the screen could be simply used as a flashlight in lieu of an actual flashlight. Hardly convenient for use all the time, but it worked in a pinch. I’m somewhat ashamed that, in the era of early iOS flashlight apps, where many were free, I knew a dev who charged for his, and actually made a killing.

The iPhone evolved, and added an LED flash, with an API. There are countless flashlight apps on iOS today – I still even have one on my iPhone today. The LED makes a wonderful flashlight when you need it.

It appears that, like the iPad, most (but not all) Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets will not feature an LED camera flash with their cameras, usually most useful for rear-facing cameras. I’m also unsure if there is a WinRT API to access such a flash, if it does exist.

As a result, it appears that we’re back in iPhone 3G territory, where a) Yes, there are WinRT “Flashlight” apps on the Windows Store, and b) They are all screen, not LED flash, based flashlights.

So to Jason’s question, how many are there?

As of yesterday, Sept. 16, 2012, there were 6 flashlight applications that I could find on the store, and thankfully, all are free.

The first one, innovatively named “Flashlight“, appeared on Aug. 20, 2012, and was created by PEARL APPS LLC, who currently have 5 apps on the store.

As of yesterday the others are as follows:

  1. Flashlight+ (8/21/2012) by Jujuba Software, who currently has 13 apps on the store.
  2. TorchLight (8/24/2012) by Jonathan Toh, who currently has 8 apps on the store.
  3. Portable Flashlight (9/11/2012) by DefthKniht, who currently has 7 apps on the store.
  4. Simple Flashlight (9/13/2012) by ??????????, who currently has 2 apps on the store.
  5. Flashlight for Win8 (9/13/2012) by TI Capacitación & Universidad de desarrollo, who currently has 17 apps on the store.

Most likely these apps are early pioneers, and we can expect that they will light the way for many other flashlight apps to follow.