A candid Q&A with a Microsoft Office 15 Technical Preview customer

I was able to find  a customer on the Office 15 Technical Preview, and confidentially asked them 10 questions about the Technical Preview, based on just a few days of use. The results are below, and I think you’ll find them both surprising and informative.

Q1: What are you most excited about in Office 15?

“Without a doubt, we are most excited that Office 15 will run on both redacted and redacted

Q2: Is there a feature that you think will make Office 15 a must-have upgrade over Office 2010?

“To me, Microsoft finally addressing redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted will mean that customers who have to redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted as often as I do now have a way to redacted

Q3: What change to Office 15 surprised you the most?

“Ever since Office 2007, I’ve found redacted redacted redacted redacted to be a little bit more work than I thought it needed to be. With the brand new redacted, I’ll save lots of time every day. Microsoft said in their usability testing labs that they saw a re% improvement, which means you could save as much as re minutes per day! I find that amazing.”

Q4: Is there any change in Office 15 that has disappointed you?

“I had kind of hoped that Microsoft might redesign the redacted but they told us that there wasn’t much of a chance of that, since they’d need to also change redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted. I guess I can understand why that would be the case. I asked if they could maybe redacted redacted redacted redacted instead, and they said they’d look into it and let me know before the beta arrives.”

Q5: Do you think Microsoft will require a specific version of Windows to run Office 15?

“I think it’s a no brainer that Microsoft will probably want to make sure some of the features show off some of the value of redacted, and Microsoft said it will support redacted and probably won’t support redacted or redacted. I’m more curious if they will support for redacted, redacted, or redacted

Q6: I know a lot of people are curious – how did you get on the Office 15 Technical Preview? Lots of people tried when they found out about it, but it was too late.

“Lots of people have asked me that. I’ve had several people ask me who I had to redacted to get on the technical preview. We’ve just been a valuable redacted redacted redactred of Microsoft redacted for redacted years, so our redacted got us on the Technical Preview since he new we’d redacted redacted redacted redacted

Q7: Is there something you don’t see yet in the Technical Preview that you hope is addressed before the beta or final release?

“The other day I was testing how well redacted integrated with redacted and the scenario seemed a little bit redacted. I’m hoping they can fix that before the beta.”

Q8: Is there a particular device you’re excited to use with Office 15?

“I think the key value Office 15 delivers is redacted redacted redacted redacted, without question. For that reason, I think the thing I’m most excited about is how easy Office 15 makes using documents on my redacted. I had hoped the Technical Preview would also run on redacted, but it doesn’t yet. I’m hopeful of seeing that at or near the beta.”

Q9: When do you think Microsoft will ship Office 15?

“They haven’t indicated anything yet, but I can’t imagine them not shipping it by redacted. I mean, if you ship it just after redacted then you have plenty of time to redacted and redacted, which will be really important for a redacted marketing strategy. But we’ll have to see, won’t we?”

Q10: What do you think Microsoft will name the final version of Office 15?

“Like the ship date, Microsoft has been quiet around this, but I think they’ll call it redacted. Another customer on the Technical Preview said he thinks they’ll call it redacted, but I think that’s redacted. I guess we’ll all find out at the same time, which should be redacted.”

I’d like to thank redacted redacted from redacted redacted for taking the time to provide me with candid answers that will help everyone realize how important of a redacted redacted to the redacted redacted Office 15 is.



The above article is satire. A complete fabrication. I had fun writing it, and I had ideas of what goes in many of the redactions. Please don’t take the above too seriously, and don’t try too hard to fill in the blanks. I don’t know anyone who is on the Office 15 Technical Preview (or at least who has told me as such), and I am also not on the Technical Preview.


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