What’s the deal with Facebook advertising?

For a site that has been tracking my life for years, Facebook’s advertising is horrible. Not just weak, not just bad, but horrible. During the last presidential campaign, I started to realize how bad Facebook’s advertising was, when (as a pretty outspoken liberal) it offered me a Mitt Romney ad every single time I logged on.

But take a look below. You really couldn’t get more broken in terms of targeted advertising:

Where to begin? Let’s just look at each:

  1. I have a Yammer basic subscription – using the same email address of mine as Facebook already has.
  2. I have two cats, but don’t have a dog. I haven’t had one since I was a kid.
  3. I haven’t subscribed to cable since 2010.
  4. I don’t take photos with a camera anymore. Heck, my only digital camera and camcorder both gather dust while I use my iPhone for most photography and video.
  5. I hardly ever play games. I have an original Xbox that gathers dust, and a Wii that the kids sometimes use, but even it is rarely used vs. the iOS devices in the house.
  6. I have one watch. I wear it when I fly, so I know when the flight took off and what time it will land. Otherwise, I never wear a watch.
  7. As noted, I don’t play games. I’m also pretty outspoken about not being a fan of Walmart.
Bad Facebook ads

So here Facebook had 7 opportunities to knock it out of the park based on all of the personal information of mine they have. Yet they got 100% wrong. Way to go, Facebook!

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  1. Just a thought – what if the advertisers did not create a narrow-enough filter? For example, they may have gone for all males > 35 in the North West (just a random filter I made up). I know, seems silly based on the pieces of information they have to target (and correspondingly, the increased cost of advertising on Facebook), but still … a possibility.
    However, it is more likely that the Graph is not exploited properly by The Algorithm.